Want to stop WISHING you had more clients...
and have a SOLID PLAN on how to FIND THEM?
Have you ever been caught...
  • Checking your inbox obsessively for emails that don't come?
  • ​Auditioning like crazy on casting websites and Pay-To-Plays only to find you’re not booking those jobs?
  • ​Feeling discouraged because you know you’ve got talent, so why aren’t you getting hired?
  • ​Stuck in a boring marketing rut that doesn’t seem to be producing results?
But imagine this...
  • ​Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you had a steady stream of work coming in from clients you actually like working with?
  •  What if you could be the GO-TO for dozens of regular clients who value your work and don’t balk at your rates?
  •  How would it feel if you had MAJOR names on your client list and you didn’t even have to go through an agent to land those high-paying jobs?
  • ​Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t even have to submit for the job, because you’re the ONLY ONE your client is looking for?
If that sounds good to you, then you need
I can teach you the secrets that will unlock all of these doors for you
Hi, I'm Tracy, and since 2015, I’ve been developing the perfect combination of action steps using LinkedIn to build an impressive client base. 

About 60% of all my current clients are ones I found by using LinkedIn, and this method has been so effective that I want to share it with the voiceover community.
Since entering the voiceover industry in January 2014, I’ve tried several different methods of finding clients.

I’ve tried Pay-To-Plays, I’ve tried cold calling, I’ve tried personalized emails compiled from hours of researching online directories.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on services that never yielded the results I was promised.
But then I discovered The VO Edge
I started gaining attention from some very established video production companies, advertising agencies and marketing firms who began hiring me over and over again AND referring me to others in their industry.

Once I figured out exactly how to showcase my talents on my profile, as well as an effective method for contacting the right people on LinkedIn, I began booking steady work through new clients I found there. We’ve built solid relationships so they are no longer interested in jumping through the hoops of casting sites or auditioning several voices through an agency, they would rather work directly with me or ask for a referral if they need a different voice.
I found out it’s not as hard as I thought to book amazing jobs.
It just takes the right connections.

"This course provides a plate full of bite-sized, actionable tips
on leveraging the platform's free membership for generating leads
and establishing business relationships. Tracy Lindley shares
strategies that have been successful for her own business with
charm and wit making each module fun as well as educational."
- Kelley Buttrick
Voice Actor

Here's what you'll learn through The VO Edge:
  • Module 1: LinkedIn Basics
  • ​Module 2: Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile--The Visual Elements
  • ​Module 3: Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile--The Copy
  • ​​​​​​Module 4: Creating Your Company Page (NEW!)
  • Module 5: Finding & Connecting With Your Next Dream Client
  • ​Module 6: Writing the Perfect Message to Make Everyone Want to Work With You
  • ​Module 7: Making LinkedIn Part of Your Life
+++PLUS Bonus Material Including +++
  • DIY Banner Template
  • ​Search Terms Cheat Sheet for Voice Actors
  • ​Optimized LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  • Symbols List
  • ​Messaging Template Outline
  • ​Printable List: 7 Steps to Rocking LinkedIn Every Day
  • ​My Proven Workflow (NEW!)
  • ​5 Daily Reach-Outs (NEW!)

Tracy has developed the best guide to using LinkedIn I've ever seen. Suddenly, I see LinkedIn as a useful site, packed with options for connecting with clients instead of as a drab site full of complexities I couldn't figure out. Tracy's 6-part course will open a new world of possibilities to any one looking for opportunities.
- Jack de Golia
Voice Actor

You could stop feeling like you’re “bothering” that potential client?
You knew you weren’t wasting your time marketing, because you actually have a plan that WORKS?
You didn’t have to worry any more about meeting your income goals?
You could be confident in asking for a fair rate because you know you’re not competing with anyone else for the job?
To make this happen, YOU have to make a change.
This 7-module course packed full of 2 HOURS of video content, can be completed at your own pace, according to your schedule.

No pushy daily activities, just a motivational video from me at the beginning of each module, and lessons presented through slides and screen sharing that are chock-full of eye-opening information compiled through countless hours of research.
Believe me, you WILL get your money’s worth!

Along with a room packed full of voice over professionals at WoVo Con, I was super impressed with Tracy Lindley's course and thrilled when she announced she'd be making it available online. Targeted to our industry, Tracy's course is a data-rich practical guide on how to mine LinkedIn to find new clients. I'd highly recommend her 5-star marketing course.
- Kim Handysides
Voice actor

So what are you waiting for?
One time payment of 

Solid, essential & effective, Tracy Lindley’s Linked In experience is your gain. Coming into voiceover from an unrelated career (20+ years), The VO Edge was exactly the right information at exactly the right time. It helped me to shift my existing Linked In presence to focus on my voiceover world, use the platform strategically, and start making new meaningful connections. And yes, I have booked work on Linked In from new Linked In contacts – in fact, my largest eLearning job to date came from connecting with another Linked In member. Highly recommended!
- Ken Foster
Voice actor

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